The Home Came into Existence

    The Great Bengal Famine enveloped the entire horizon of Bengal and alongwith that epidemic also joined to snatch the lives of hundred–thousand humans. And among the piercing cry a face illuminated and His melted heart beckoned a monk who dedicated his life at His feet not only for “Atmano Mokshartham” but also for “Jagadhitaya Cha”.

    Babu Satish Chandra Mukherjee, publisher of the ‘Basumati’ a Bengali daily Newspaper, lost prematurely his son and daughter and the grieved father donated a small portion of land and the old printing press-cum godown, a one—storyed house, situated at a remote village at Rahara, 20 k. off Calcutta. The orphanage Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home was thus established here on 1st September, 1944. It is a Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.

    Since then the Home has now being maintained 600 orphan, destitute, scheduled-caste and scheduled-tribe boys as residents completely free of any charge. 90% of them are fatherless, the mothers are eking out a miserable livelihood; doing menial jobs. In 5% cases the fathers are seriously sick, or disabled or of unsound mind. Some boys have been sent even from borstal jails.

    The objects of the Boys Home is to maintain and educate these boys in its care in a manner so that they may grow into healthy self-disciplined young men, full of zeal with a sound moral foundation and general education up to Madhyamik Level and also be inspired by a genuine love and regard for the glorious heritage of the country. Great emphasis is laid on character-building, formation of correct habits and manners, and development of a broad and generous outlook of life free from all narrow prejudices. As far as possible attempts are made to bring up the boys according to the ideal of man-making education as preached by Swami Vivekananda.

Our Projects for the hapless.

    Annapurna Prakalpa.

    Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa_I

Welfare & Relief Work done by the Home.

    Relief Work done by the Home_I

    Welfare Work done by the Home I


    The students are our greatest asset. Apart from the orphan and destitute boys maintained in the Home, a large number of students from outside attend our educational institutions. The student strength at present is 3985 including about 579 orphan, destitute and S.T. boys. These students come from far and near and go back carrying the good name of the Institution to the distant corners of the country.

    Our students

Our Students

    Our Students at NCC


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