1943 The Great Bengal Famine

[Photo : by courtesy : Ananda Bazar Patrika]

1980, Dr.Bishnupada Halder, Fellow of the Royal College of Physician emerges as a distinguished Medical man. What is the connection between the physician and the stray, you may ask? It is the Ramkrishna Mission Boy's Home at Rahara in Kolkata. This is an institution that has natured hundreds of orphans and lost or abondone children since 1944, when it began its generous efforts in a very small way with 37 boys. The boy who became Dr. Bishnupada Halder was one of them. The fixed per capita monthly Government grant for each boy per month is Rs.1250/- and by this meagre amount we have to provide foods, education, clothing, medicine & sick diet, fuel & other expenditures such as electricity, water charges,sanitary, salaries of teachers, cooks and helpers etc. Read more ..



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