At first the School obtained recognition as a High School from the Calcutta University in January 1949. When in 1950 the Secondary Education was taken over by the Board of Secondary Education, the School was permitted to send up candidates for the School Final Examination of the Board. From 1957 it was upgraded to a Higher Secondary Multipurpose School with four streams, viz, Humanities, Science. Technical and Commerce. It has been sending up candidates for the Madhyamik Pariksha of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education since 1976 under the new pattern of Secondary Education.

    From its very inception this School has been recognised as one of the best in West Bengal. Results of the Public Examinations have been consistently of a very high standard. In 1963 the Government of India selected it as one of the model multipurpose schools in the State. In 1976 and again in 1988, a student of the School topped the list of successful candidates at the Madhyamik Pariksha of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The high standard of performance of the students at this Examination is being throughout maintained and improved upon as may be seen from the following Results Table.

    The School offers facilities for various co-curricular and physical activities, and is equipped with laboratories, a workshop, a rich library and a suitable reading room. There are wall-magazines, daily news bulletins and an annual publication under the name “UTTISTHA”. An Inter-School Debating Competition named “R. M. Das Memorial InterSchool Debate” promoted by Late S. R. Das of Rahara is conducted every year.


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